The Bestie Surprise

The Bestie Surprise

The Bestie Surprise

Jessica & Anthony have been best friends of Josh (my hubby) and I for many years. We have been in each other’s weddings, gone on unforgettable vacations together, shared our families with one another, and so on and so forth.

We are all very close and I look up to them in so many ways. This year has definitely had its ups and downs… we have had the pleasure of enjoying all their wedding festivities with them, but then also endured the loss of a father and a doggie; new jobs, graduations, buying a new home, and now this!!!  This past Wednedsay evening, they came to pick me up to visit the construction site of where their new home is being built. They said they wanted me to snap a few photos of them during the stages of construction… only to my surprise… I jumped in car, and there were balloons… it seemed weird but I didn’t’ think much of it. They were being overly excited to see me. Jessica said, “soo, we have something to tell you,” before she could finish I started freaking out and crying and jumped out of the car for some BIG hugs.

I could not believe this was happening- they totally tricked me! I was actually shooting photos for their baby announcement!!

Already almost 14 weeks pregnant, my best-friends not only picked me to shoot this amazing moment, but to share it with me in such a fun and surprising way. I’m still floating from how special they made me feel and how excited I am for them. Even though I could barely contain myself, we captured the most perfect baby announcement photos together! I can’t wait to meet this little boy or girl!!! I will always look up to and admire my friends, and I know they’re going to be the absolute best parents ever! Love you guys!



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