Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous spring day, here in Sarasota, and I got to spend a couple of hours of it at the beautiful Selby Gardens along with about another 60 or so adults, children and toddlers. I could not believe the amount of people that came to help celebrate this cutie’s first birthday! Jessica thought of all the details, complete with a boarding pass invitation, with flights provided by Landon Air… small suitcases located in baggage claim for us to take upon our departure, a hot air balloon photo booth set up for the kids, as well as an open bar for the adults, and a kid’s corner full of puffs, pouches, juice boxes and peanut butter and jelly of course.

She had a wonderful menu for the adults to munch on throughout the party, including wild mushroom ravioli, amazing cheeses, fruit, wraps and more. It was all delicious and I may have had more than one plate. 🙂

Another amazing part of this party was the ball pit for the young ones, and the oversized projection screen for the older kids that was set up for playstation… there was literally a part of the party thought about for everyone.. Jessica did not miss a thing, not that I’m surprised. The room was decorated beautifully and had an incredible view of Sarasota Bay and the Ringling Bridge.. it was definitely a perfect way to celebrate the special day.

The best part of the party was obviously the cake smash!!! I have SOOOOO many amazing photos of this moment I literally couldn’t decide which to add into this blog post, but I must say the ones that I’ve added are my favorites, especially the one where he is putting out the candle with his fingers and Scott and Jessica’s faces are priceless!!!

If you know me and Jessica, you know we have been friends for a VERY long time. I love her like a sister and therefore, Landon like a nephew. I have had the opportunity and honor to shoot every trimester of her pregnancy, his newborn photos, and have been able to help with her monthly updates in some way or another… so being able to celebrate his 1st birthday, as well as get to capture it from behind my camera lens… couldn’t have been a happier moment for me.. I’m so happy for Jess + Scott getting to celebrate this little miracle baby’s birthday.. we all know it was a difficult road to get here.. I can’t wait to continue taking photos of your family.. and I hope you enjoy the memories from his big day!

Check out the gallery below, I couldn’t get over all these little kids’ and how BIG and amazing their eyes are! WOW!

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