Happy World Ballet Day!

Happy World Ballet Day!

Happy World Ballet Day!

Being that today is “World Ballet Day,” aka #WBD, I figured it was suiting that I would post about my gorgeous, strong and loyal best-friend, Lynda. <3<3<3 These photos have been previously posted on Facebook, as we took them quite a while back, but you see, I am so busy that I never fully finished processing her session like the crappy friend that I am, and never once did she ever question it. 0q7a0689

Today, as she asked me for a couple of photos that I somehow failed to upload to her (I’m now 0-2 here), and because she wanted to post them to celebrate #WBD, I felt the strong feeling of guilt, yet excitement as I knew there had to be quite a few more photos that I could edit for her to share. We went from an 11 photo teaser, to 28 of the most amazing photos I have ever taken. And she has yet to see! 🙂

When she came to me with the idea of shooting a ballet session, I was beyond excited, as I had never done such a shoot, and because I have always had this secret obsession with it. Growing up I was not a dancer, I was in fact the BIGGEST tom-boy, playing every sport possible. Now, I do, however, understand the dedication and athleticism that it takes to endure the life of a ballet dancer, from being in team sports my whole life, and ending in a college scholarship, however I have this feeling that what I know of those words, only skims the surface of a dancer’s life.

I have quite a few ballerina friends, and with every post of theirs on Facebook, I fall more intrigued with the art. So today, to help celebrate World Ballet Day, I give you this post, and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking/processing and reliving them.

Lynda, you are amazing, in every way. You absolutely KILLED this photoshoot, and the strength and class you portray on a daily basis shines through these images. Love you Girl!! -xoxo


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