“Falling” in Love

“Falling” in Love

“Falling” in Love

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending one of my best-friend’s bridal shower, which was a Fall theme, hence the title of this post!!  🙂  A few different Sangrias were the most popular drink of the day, featuring two amazing, yet completely different, caramel apple white sangrias (0q7a9930due to bad communication, lol sorry Melissa!) and a traditional red which was also delish! We also had these insanely good, bite-sized cupcakes, cinnamon bun and pumpkin spice, which was the first plate empty from the table! 🙂




A fall-themed salad and some other finger-foods adorned the gorgeous table, and completed with fall themed décor. Trish was surprised by a few guests in attendance and Nick, the future hubby, joined her in the beginning for a few photos together. We laughed and played fun trivial games, and it ended in a few rounds of cards against humanity, which is my favorite ending I’ve ever experienced at a bridal shower. Of course, I had to bring my camera and take a few shots of the day, which turned out perfectly. Congrats Nick + Trish, now bring on more wedding festivities! <3<3<3

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