Blue or Pink, what do ya think?

Blue or Pink, what do ya think?

Blue or Pink, what do ya think?

0q7a2782Today was the day that we have all been waiting for. Today was the day I no longer had to keep a secret that was super hard to keep! Today was the day we find out what our Besties are having, and today was the day we can all finally start thinking about what this little man is going to look like, what his name will be, and how big of a baby he is going to be!

For a couple of weeks now, I have had the special opportunity to know the sex of this baby, but unable to discuss it with anyone, I had to be excited by myself! I always saw Jess & Tony having a boy first, and I couldn’t believe it was actually turning out as perfect as I thought! I got the opportunity to fill the large balloon with all of the blue confetti I could find, and I couldn’t wait to see their faces when they popped it and it flew all over, complete with tears, applause and exciting cheers! What I didn’t expect to see, was the absolute excitement of my best friend, as he was showered in blue confetti. The sigh of relief and the fist pump, might have been my most favorite moment. The size of the smiles on my friends faces was incredible and I couldn’t help but tear up myself!

0q7a2763 Afterwards we cut the cake, BLUE on the inside of course, and as the picture shows, we were all “here for the sex” 🙂 Most of those attending, all guessed “BOY,” I believe it was 20-8. Pretty fun that we all assumed correct! Followed by the best food, some football and drinks, and visiting with the best group of friends we could ask for, we had the most amazing Sunday afternoon, celebrating The Misiti’s on yet another amazing memory in 2016. Congratulations you two, we are so happy for you and cannot wait to meet Little Man Misiti!


(I’ve attached the full gallery for your viewing! Please click to view larger images!)

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