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I’ve been a professional photographer since 2012, after falling in love with my first camera that my hubby bought me as a Christmas gift a few years  before. I thought it would just be a hobby, one I started to enjoy when going on photo walks with my Aunt Jeanie.

With a background in interior design, my artistic drive has always led me to learn new forms of creating– from my Etsy shop of cleverly designed tees and tanks to her trendy handmade jewelry, I’ve always had a knack for making the ordinary into something awesome. I’m very artsy and super crafty and always up for new challenges.

A native of Ohio, I’ve been a Florida resident since I was seven and I know the lay of the land and with an insight that only the locals share. I’m the kind of “outside the box” photographer that not only utilizes the landscape to my advantage, specializes in natural light, but I also take pride in delivering the highest quality, art rendered photos in the industry, that are creative and unique.

I’ve been more than well received by my clients, who all agree that my relatable and laid back personality give them the comfort to ease right into the rhythm of the shoot. Having your picture taken can feel awkward, which is why it’s important that when sharing such intimate moments such as an engagement, a wedding, or the joy of expecting a baby, that all those involved feel right at home. It’s my primary concern that every shoot is more than just a great time, but that it also reflects personality and emotion in those perfectly captured moments.

Inspired by seeking out the art in your photos, I strive to exceed the expectation that your pictures will be perfect captured memories of those moments being shared, and I like to take it up a notch by adding an artistic element that is creative yet professional, and edgy yet elegant. Time management and the ability to give direction cuts down on confusion, which allows for my clients to be happier and ensures no time is wasted from the smaller portrait sessions up to larger wedding coverage.

I tend to befriend my clients, which shows how personable I become during our time together from initial contact, until the end of the session. With many repeat clients, whether it be for holiday photos, or baby number 2 or 3 – I really care about the people I work with and ensures that the end result conveys both the client’s insight and their personalities, but with my style and perspective, from behind the lens.

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